March Meetup at Aubrey’s

We’ve had some trouble with venues this month. Our previous venue (Cellular Sales) is no longer able to host our meetings and the replacement venue cancelled on Tuesday. I was unable to secure a venue given such short notice. So, instead of a regular meeting (I had planned to talk about the ‘I’ in SOLID – the Interface Segregation Principle), we will be having a meetup/drinkup at Aubrey’s on Cedar Bluff at 6 pm. So let’s get together, have fun, and maybe even talk about software. So as to maintain our record of awesomeness, TEKsystems will be buying a round or two for us. (Thanks TEK!!) :)

Click here to RSVP so we know how many tables to reserve at the bar.

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February Meeting – (Alan says) You Are Not A Craftsman

We're going to mix things up a little bit this month: we have a speaker - Alan Stevens! This meeting should be very be interesting - Alan has been (just a teensy bit) critical of the "Software Craftsmanship" movement, and our group has "Software Craftsmanship" in its title. What better ...

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January Meeting – Kicking Off 2012 with a SOLID Start

Well, at least the ‘D’ part of SOLID. If you’ve been around object-oriented programming long enough, you’ve probably encountered the term “dependency inversion” a few times. Most reasonably interesting code depends on other objects to do some kind of work – for example, a repository to retrieve data from a backing ...

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December Meeting – Mute, Blind, and Evil

December's meeting will be on Thursday, December 8th at the office of Cellular Sales. We will be exploring a favorite session from the Coderetreat on December 3rd - Mute with Evil Coder. The problem we'll be solving is Tic-Tac-Toe, using the following rules: A game is over when all fields are taken A ...

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November Meeting – Bring us your tired, your poor, your muddled classes yearning to be free.

This month we are going to be working on real projects. Need some help with some tricky code? Treat yourself to some help from other developers. Performance problems bogging you down? Pick yourself up and bring that project with you. BDD/TDD got you stumped? See how other people solved the ...

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October Meeting – The Open/Closed Principle

This month's meeting will be on Thursday, October 13th at 6:00pm. A special thanks to our host this month, Cellular Sales! And, as usual, many thanks to our sponsor, TEKsystems! They're having Salsarita's cater our meeting - YUM! We're going to be focusing on the 'O' of SOLID - the Open/Closed ...

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