Generics, LINQ, and Lambdas

Meeting Topic

This month’s talk, given by Joseph Barnett, will focus on an introduction to generics, LINQ, and lambdas in C#. He’ll show us why and how to use them and explain why they are so helpful.


The meeting will be on Thursday, July 18 at 6pm. (Click here to RSVP.) As usual we will have food and refreshments. If you have special requests for food (e.g., vegetarian-friendly), please leave a comment below.

We will be in the same location as last month, which is the 3M office building off Pellissippi Parkway. The address is 804 Innovation Drive. As you pull into the parking lot, stay to the right, and park in front of the building.

Important: Our venue requires an list of people in advance that will be attending so that guest badges can be created. Please use the RSVP link above so you can get on that list.



Programming Under Constraints

Meeting Topic Any kind of process, creative or production-oriented, involves constraints -- usually time, quality, and cost. Often how we deal with constraints in our work helps us prioritize what really needs focus. Another way we can use constraints is to help reframe how we think about solving the problem. Writing ...

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Abstract Classes and Interfaces

Meeting Topic In light of some recent feedback about object-oriented programming (OOP) skills essential for developers to succeed, this month's talk will focus on interfaces and abstract classes. Hank Coats will show us how to properly use these key pieces of OOP and will explain why it's also important to know the basics ...

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Venturing into Java

Meeting Topic For this month's meeting, Eddie Adjei will be helping us venture out of our usual .NET comfort zone into some Java-related technologies. We'll follow the same format where we'll have the opportunity for some hands-on time with what Eddie will be presenting. Here are some things you can look ...

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The Pragmatic Programmer

Meeting Topic If you look at the Wikipedia page for software craftsmanship, you'll see The Pragmatic Programmer listed as part of the history of this approach to software development. Even the subtitle of the book, "From Journeyman to Master," implies the analogy of software development being a craft and that as ...

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Introduction to Ruby Koans

Meeting Topic A concept that's fairly prevalent within the software craftsmanship mindset involves learning different languages and environments. So far, most of our meetings have involved C# and Visual Studio. In my opinion there is no one correct language/platform/environment for all problems; however, stepping outside your comfort zone can expose you ...

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Recent Blog Posts about Software Craftsmanship

In the past few weeks, there have been several thoughtful articles about software craftsmanship. Personally, I tend to avoid sticking myself in one camp or the other (i.e., "software craftsman are a bunch of elite snobs" vs. "if you don't follow the craftsmanship model than you'll never achieve mastery"). It ...

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January 2013 Meet-up

Meeting Topics I thought to start out the year, let's just have an informal get-together. TEKsystems has offered to buy a round or two if you're interested. We can talk about topics you'd like to see covered this year -- I already have a few in mind -- and to just ...

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Design Patterns and Pjax

Meeting Topics For this month's meeting we'll have not one but two fellow craftsmen covering some topics that can keep our saws sharp and learning about potentially new tools. From Steve Barbour: "We've all heard about design patterns, and we can probably recognize and implement a few. We'll take a quick deep dive ...

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Stop Mocking Me!

Meeting Topics In a past meeting we talked (and practiced) the idea of dependency inversion (as part of SOLID development). Typically we implement dependency inversion by having our classes depend on interfaces. The convenient part about using interfaces is that we can create special instances of those interfaces to help verify ...

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