Group Discontinuation

After giving the matter some serious thought, I’m going to discontinue running the craftsmanship group.

I’ve been with the group since it’s inception, it has personally helped me align with the motto of sucking less at developing software; I think many of our long-time attendees would concur. However, in The Lean Startup terminology, the group has spent the better part of a year in “the land of the living dead”: neither growing nor dying. The group has a lot of potential; however, I don’t personally have enough time right now to give the group the attention I think it needs.

If someone is willing to re-invigorate the group at some point, I’ll be happy to help make that transition possible (e.g., accounts access, notes I’ve taken about future ideas). I’ll continue to manage the Twitter account, e-mail, and this blog in case anyone chooses to get in touch.

This group could not have made it this far without the sponsorship of TEKsystems and 3M.

Thank you for the opportunity to keep the group going this long; I’ve had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people.

Feel free to comment below if you have any additional thoughts.

Mars Rover Kata – Part 3

Meeting Topic Round 3! We'll pick up where we left off from our last meeting with the Mars Rover kata. Most likely we'll finish the API for the kata during this session, so be thinking about what kind of user interface you think would work for the rover. There will be one laptop connected to ...

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Mars Rover Kata – Part 2

Meeting Topic We'll pick up where we left off from our last meeting with the Mars Rover kata. There will be one laptop connected to the projector, so no need to worry about bringing anything. We'll take turns writing tests and making them pass. Logistics The meeting will be on Thursday, June 12 at 6pm. As usual ...

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Mars Rover Kata – Part 1

Meeting Topic We're trying something a bit different for the next few meetings We're going to work on a slightly longer kata over multiple meetings. We'll incorporate some kind of user interface to make the problems seem more real and less academic. The Mars Rover kata (see the Resources section below) is something we sort ...

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April 2014 meetup summary

This month's meeting was a social get-together to chat about the state of the group and toss around a few ideas about re-energizing things a bit. (A quick thank-you to TEKsystems for providing libations at Blue Coast Grill & Bar at Market Square, which worked out to be a nice venue ...

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Common Code Smells

Meeting Topic We welcome a new presenter, Reid Evans, this month! He'll give a real-world dive into some of the common code smells that can lead to SOLID or DRY violations and ways to avoid them. The code examples will be in C# but the talk is focused on general principles ...

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Meeting Topic Tom von Clef will be covering TypeScript. He's been using it for a project and has written TypeScript or converted JavaScript into TypeScript for maybe 1,000 lines of code in the last couple months. Tom will start with about 13 minutes of introduction to the language in a video by Anders ...

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MVC 3 .NET Development Stack for Linux

Meeting Topic Chris Schamper will be covering how to do MVC 3 .NET development on Linux for this month's meeting, covering most of the important tools that keep everything glued together. Here's what Chris will be talking about: MVC 3 under Linux I code in a Microsoft environment for work, however I run ...

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Testability and Good Design

Meeting Topic A while back I came across a video by Michael Feathers (known for his book Working Effectively with Legacy Code) about how good design and testability go hand-in-hand. Although the video is a few years old, there are still good points to be made. I'd like to spend part of ...

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TDD and Pex

Meeting Topic It's easy to do test-driven design (TDD) on a new project.  One of the most difficult parts of adopting TDD is all the legacy code that we have to maintain.  Luckily for us, we have Pex. (This month's meeting topic will be led by David Edwards. You should also check ...

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