Group Discontinuation

After giving the matter some serious thought, I’m going to discontinue running the craftsmanship group.

I’ve been with the group since it’s inception, it has personally helped me align with the motto of sucking less at developing software; I think many of our long-time attendees would concur. However, in The Lean Startup terminology, the group has spent the better part of a year in “the land of the living dead”: neither growing nor dying. The group has a lot of potential; however, I don’t personally have enough time right now to give the group the attention I think it needs.

If someone is willing to re-invigorate the group at some point, I’ll be happy to help make that transition possible (e.g., accounts access, notes I’ve taken about future ideas). I’ll continue to manage the Twitter account, e-mail, and this blog in case anyone chooses to get in touch.

This group could not have made it this far without the sponsorship of TEKsystems and 3M.

Thank you for the opportunity to keep the group going this long; I’ve had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people.

Feel free to comment below if you have any additional thoughts.


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