Venturing into Java

Meeting Topic

For this month’s meeting, Eddie Adjei will be helping us venture out of our usual .NET comfort zone into some Java-related technologies. We’ll follow the same format where we’ll have the opportunity for some hands-on time with what Eddie will be presenting. Here are some things you can look forward to:

  • Build a Web application
  • Adopt Spring MVC
  • Adopt TDD to develop
  • Service layer, DAO layer, exposed REST service
  • UI – REST service, CRUD communication 
  • App Server: Tomcat or Jetty
  • Database: NoSQL with MongoDB
  • Build Manager: Maven


The meeting will be on Thursday, April 11 at 6pm. (Click here to RSVP.) As usual we will have food and refreshments. If you have special requests for food (e.g., vegetarian-friendly), please leave us a comment below.

This month’s meeting is being held in the usual place (at the Aerotek office on Cedar Bluff). The address is 408 N. Cedar Bluff Rd. Suite 140 on the first floor of the first office building behind Papa John’s on Cedar Bluff.


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