MVC 3 .NET Development Stack for Linux

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Chris Schamper will be covering how to do MVC 3 .NET development on Linux for this month’s meeting, covering most of the important tools that keep everything glued together. Here’s what Chris will be talking about:

MVC 3 under Linux

I code in a Microsoft environment for work, however I run primarily Linux at home. I wanted to be able to practice my .NET skills at home. This is the result. See this link for a description of getting from the default Monodevelop project to something that runs.

Twitter Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap is what lets someone like me, who is not a Photoshop guru, put up a web design that doesn’t look terrible. This leverages the power of CSS to make my markup look nice. Version 3 rocks a new responsive design to adapt to desktop, tablet, and phone layouts.


NUnit is a .NET unit testing framework. I am using it to drive integration tests at the moment. This is the heart of the Red / Green / Refactor TDD methodology. Write a test of your hopes and dreams, watch it turn red, then code till it turns green. Refactoring brings sanity to the result.


Selenium (UI Automation) solves a particular issue I’ve had with unit / integration tests for some time. It seems that most of my day to day requirements revolve around a particular presentation to the user as opposed checking a mathematical function for correctness. I can now describe what my presentation layer needs to be doing and proceed from there. More thorough use of mocks may alleviate this as well.


ELMAH simplifies error logging. No one wants things to break, but I do want to hear about it when they do. ELMAH is typically used to send emails when exceptions are thrown, but can also be configured to save it’s information to XML files.


Continuous Integration at its finest. I have used Cruise Control .NET in the past as part of a code delivery pipeline and been pleased. The main downside is needing a very high tolerance of XML files in order to configure it. Jenkins seems to be the next generation of this technology. I am still hooking up various bits and pieces.


The meeting will be on Thursday, November 14 at 6pm. (Hop over to the event page for this meeting to RSVP.) As usual we will have food and refreshments. If you have special requests for food (e.g., vegetarian-friendly), please leave a comment below.

We will be in the same location as last month, which is the 3M office building off Pellissippi Parkway. The address is 804 Innovation Drive. As you pull into the parking lot, stay to the right, and park in front of the building.

Important: Our venue requires an list of people in advance that will be attending so that guest badges can be created. Please RSVP by 12:00pm on Thursday so you can get on that list.




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