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This week, one of our regulars, Hank Coats, will be presenting a topic and a corresponding kata.

The world is full of legacy code. Anywhere you go for a job they will have a messy code base and more than likely it wont have unit tests. How where do you begin and how to get started writing Unit tests in legacy code. I will cover these points and other with a kata to help demonstrate way to go about unit testing legacy code.


The meeting will be on Thursday, September 13th at 6pm (Click here to RSVP). As usual we will have food and refreshments. If you have special requests for food (e.g., vegetarian-friendly), please leave us a comment below.

Like last time, this month’s meeting is being held at the TEKsystems office on Cedar Bluff. The address is 408 N. Cedar Bluff Rd. Suite 140 on the third floor of the first office building behind Papa John’s on Cedar Bluff.


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