CodeStock 2012 Open Space

This past Saturday, Geoff convened an open space at CodeStock 2012 about software craftsmanship. The session was pretty vibrant, and as you can see from the picture, Leon Gersing was there to share his thoughts on the topic.

CodeStock 2012 Open Space Session

CodeStock 2012 Open Space Session

Photo credit: Alan Barber

Here are the items that were jotted down on the easel pad:

  • Not everyone prescribes to the craftsmanship model (i.e., apprentice, journeyman, master) suggested by Corey Haines.
  • Craftsmanship should focus on the effort made toward the construction of software/systems.
  • It’s not just about producing quality code; we have to take the time to read code as well (e.g., look at open-source projects to see how they work).
  • “Always leave your camp better than you found it.” This speaks to the concept of improving things as you encounter them.
  • It’s important to learn from teaching/mentoring and the feedback you get from that.
  • We tend to get caught up in adjectives like wrong/bad vs. right/good. Context is key, and remember that one person’s version of “good” code may differ from yours.
  • We tend to de-emphasize the qualitative part of software development.
  • If you see a problem, that’s an opportunity to be a mentor.
  • Everyone benefits from pursuing how to make each other better developers rather than tearing each other down.
  • Rather than the barrier-oriented we/they approach, favor healthy competition and lots of collaboration.


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